Video Tutorials

Video tutorials have so many advantages.  They show your expertise and build trust.  Tutorials help keep you top of mind because you helped solve a real problem.    Clients remember this when they’re ready to buy.  In addition, how-to videos are an excellent value because several can be shot in a single session.

Promotional Video

This kind of video is perfect for when the customer is at the awareness stage.  It is a chance to learn what you and your business are all about before delving into more specific topics at the consideration stage.  This video with the Guelph Youth Singers was particularly heartwarming to shoot.  These children are amazing!

Promotional Video

Turning your logo into an exciting intro and extro makes your videos look polished and professional.  This particular video features athletes from a triathlon training group offering their testimonials.  Social proof like this is always recommended.

Music Video

Music videos like this one are not something Godkin Media typically does.    Malcolm Ocean had the winning bid for Godkin Media’s services at a charity auction.   Have a listen.  You will not be able to get this song out of your head.

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